A wet weekend in Wales gave the perfect opportunity to take the brand new Zet Veloc out and put its through its paces.  I headed down to South Wales with Rob Moffat and Stu Martindale.
We decided to warm up with a run down the middle Tawe at a medium level.  First impressions of the Veloc were that it is very responsive and easy to manouver whilst maintaining the ability to ride over holes without losing any speed.  I also had a lot of fun surfing some small waves, made easier by the inclusion of small edges at the front of the boat.
We then hit the rapidly rising Mellte, my first time down this Welsh classic and a chance to test out the Veloc on some waterfalls and more challenging rapids.  It more than delivered and felt very easy to paddle even on challenging lines.
Dropping off the main waterfall, Sgwd y Pannwr    All Photos: Stuart Martindale
A meaty hole in the midst of the Sri Lankan rainforest.
The Veloc is fast! Paddling back up for another go.
6/16/2011 07:18:14 am

"The Veloc is fast! Paddling back up for another go."

haha clearly comes with optional jetpack


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